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Flat-Rate Advisor®

  • Contains over 50,000 parts, prices and tasks.
  • Generate and Print unlimited books.
  • For residential & light commercial HVAC but can be tailored for other trades.
  • Set labor rates, mark-ups & more.
  • Upload books to your mobile device.
  • Database allows add-ons, deletion & edits.
  • Global adjust for supplier price increases.
  • Pro version makes network setup quick & easy

Boost Your Bottom Line!

  • Share user data in real-time (pro version.)
  • Custom layouts, choose colors & highlights.
  • Set your headings, columns & discounts.
  • Easy company setup on the Company screen.
  • Markups table & margin calculation functions.
  • Security features with user password setup.
  • Customize your UI and books with color schemes.
  • All Windows platforms supported, XP to Present.
  • Windows 11 compliant.

Instant Download!

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